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    Leading Edge Tape


    Our clear adhesive 0.012″ thick polyurethane film is available in un-formed (straight) tape for erosion protection on any flat leading edge. Ideal for erosion protection on numerous aircraft leading edges including wing leading edges, horizontal tail, landing gear, etc. Also works great for many other applications including automotive erosion protection. Available in five different widths. 100 feet per roll.

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    Complete Erosion Kits


    Our full selection of complete erosion protection kits. Each kit includes masks to cover and protect all the high erosion areas on your aircraft. Save money by purchasing one of these pre-assembled kits designed specifically to keep every high erosion area protected. For more information also see our Online Catalog Pages 35-45 for a complete breakdown of of erosion masks included in each kit.

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    Antenna Masking


    Our complete online selection of boots specifically designed for protecting aircraft antennas. Prevent erosion and reduce costly repair and degradation to your aircraft's communication critical instruments!

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    Helicopter Radomes


    Our complete online selection of radome erosion boots for helicopters. Protect helicopter radomes from erosion in normal flight as well as takeoff, landing, and low altitude hover where erosion from dust and other particulates suspended in the air becomes a greater concern.

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    Let us help you find what you're looking for!

    Not sure what your looking for? Or simply want to make an inquiry for your aircraft? Try our easy to fill out quote request form and we can usually get back to you within one business day. Let us locate the appropriate erosion boot and provide pricing for your review.


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    About Our Products

    Learn about our Erosion Boots and why you need them!

    A little rain can cause extensive and costly erosion damage over time when you are flying at speeds of 200+ mph. Our erosion boot is a thin, clear polyurethane film that acts as a protective barrier between your aircraft and the damaging elements…