Is maintenance required over the life of a boot?

Clean and wax periodically as required. We recommend that you use full strength Knight’s Spray Nine or full strength Ultra Mr. Clean¨ to clean the mask (boot). Use a non-silicon based paste wax after each cleaning. Waxing will make cleaning easier and prevent bugs from staining.

Please note: Most waxes have a small amount of silicone to improve shine. These are OK! It is the silicone-based waxes that should be avoided to prevent problems with painting the aircraft in the future.

Although PM Research does not recommend any particular brand, we know that Collinite Corp. (315) 732-2282, produces a couple of fine waxes which come highly recommended. The one we suggest is: Collinite No# SS 126 Liquid Sapphire Auto Wax. Another brand is MeguiarÕs. You can order these directly from them or through distributors.

The user should determine an appropriate schedule to check for damage (i.e., cuts, blisters, perforations, edge lifting, etc.). At the first sign of damage, the mask (boot) should be replaced with the best protection available…A genuine PM Research protective mask (boot).

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