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Our Erosion Boots are the simplest and most cost effective solution that can save you thousands of dollars on maintenance costs by eliminating damage to high erosion areas. Prevent paint and surface erosion on susceptible leading edges of your aircraft such as radomes, navigation light lenses, wing root fairings, horizontal stabilizer tips, tail fairings, spinners, etc. Each boot is preformed from 0.012″ thick, clear adhesive polyurethane that acts as a protective barrier between your aircraft and the damaging elements that cause paint and surface damage. Save Money by installing the best paint and surface protection solution!

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Product Benefits

  • Reduce costly maintenance and down time due to paint and surface erosion.
  • The most cost effective aircraft paint and surface protection solution.
  • Protect your investment by eliminating erosion on all leading edges.
  • Optimized thickness is virtually invisible to radar.
  • Provides 5+ years of paint erosion protection.
  • UV stabilized to eliminate yellowing over time.
  • Extremely simple and easy to install.
  • Nearly invisible after installation.
  • The best Quality & Customer Service guaranteed!
Aircraft Model

DH 125, HS 125 to – 400A, HS 125-400A to 600A & B, HS 125-700, BAe.125-700A & 700B, BAe 125 Series 800-1000A, Raytheon 800-1000, Hawker 400XP, Beechjet 400, 400A, T-400, T-1A Jayhawk & MU-300, Hunter, 800A, 800XP, 850XP, 900XP & 1000, Premier I / II, Raytheon Horizon 4000

Erosion Boot

Radome Boot, Radome Boot (Large Nose), Landing Light Lens (L & R), Radome Boot (Small Pointed Nose), Radome Boot (Norton 4154X) 128-410000-601, 45AS31008-1, 45AS31008-3, Navigation Light Lens (L & R), Vertical Stabilizer Tip, Fuel Pod (Large), Fuel Pod (Small), Ram Air Intake, Generator Inlet (L & R), Dorsal Fin, Elevator Tips (L & R), Wing Root (L & R), Vortilon (L & R), Inboard Flap Track Fairing (Fwd)(L & R), Inboard Flap Track Fairing (L & R), Outboard Flap Track Fairing (Fwd)(L & R), Outboard Flap Track Fairing (Aft)(L & R), Inboard Wing Blister Panel (L & R), Nose Taxi Light Lens (L & R), Wing Ice Inspection Light Lens (L & R), Horizontal Stabilizer Tip (L & R), Inboard Speed Brake Hinge Fairing (L & R), Outboard Speed Brake Hinge Fairing (L & R), Dorsal Transition, Vertical Transition Bullet