Antenna Masking


Our complete online selection of boots specifically designed for protecting aircraft antennas. Prevent erosion and reduce costly repair and degradation to your aircraft's communication critical instruments!

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Our Erosion Boots are the simplest and most cost effective solution that can save you thousands of dollars on maintenance costs by eliminating damage to high erosion areas. Prevent erosion to susceptible leading edges such as radomes, navigation light lenses, wing root fairings, horizontal stabilizer tips, tail fairings, spinners, etc. Each boot is preformed from 0.012″ thick, clear adhesive polyurethane that acts as a protective barrier between your aircraft and the damaging elements that cause erosion.


Product Benefits

  • Protect your investment and save thousands on costly maintenance.
  • Optimized thickness is virtually invisible to radar and provides years of use.
  • UV stabilized to eliminate yellowing over time.
  • Extremely simple and easy to install.
  • Nearly invisible after installation.
  • The best Quality & Customer Service guaranteed!

Allied Signal / Bendix TCAS Dayton-Granger (set of 2), Allied Signal / Bendix / Honeywell TCAS Sensor Systems (set of 2), CAL/EMS SATCOM for Falcon 50, 900 & 2000, EMS BBJ or C-40 SATCOM Tail Bullet, EMS BBJ or C-40 SATCOM Antenna Base Fairing, EMS SATCOM Antenna Radome AMT-3500, EMS SATCOM Antenna Radome AMT-3800, Honeywell (ACSS) TCAS (set of 2), Rockwell Collins ADF ANT-462B for NAV-4000 Dual Mode (P/N 622-7384-001), Rockwell Collins ADF ANT-462A for Nav-4000/4500 Single Mode (P/N 622-3710-001), Rockwell Collins ADF ANT-60B for ADF-60A Single Mode (P/N 622-3710-001), Sensor Systems GPS (P/N S-67-1575-133) (set of 2)